Dual Language

Universal Edition

A fun, social game that can be played around the world by speakers of English or Spanish.

2-6 players / teams

Recommended age 12+ (in a team with adults)

Duration 30 mins +


To indicate Bids place bidding chips on the question level lines of the board (1,2,3,4,5), increasing question levels and or chip values with each subsequent bid. You may make more than 1 bid. You may re-use a chip when increasing a level. The auction continues until there is no further bid. NOTE: The board has a printed metallic effect it is NOT made of metal.

If you have little knowledge of the subject then you should bid low. level 1 questions only require Yes or No Answers
If you have some knowledge of the subject then this may be the bid for you to place as the questions are considered to be Easy-ish
You will want to have a reasonable knowledge of the subject to place your bid here. The questions at this level are of Average difficulty
You will definitely need to know plenty about the subject to confidently bid on level 4 as these questions were written for the Experts
This will need to be a subject you are extremely well versed in. Only bid at level 5 if you are a subject Master
Set Winner Crown. Set winners get a recognition token which they MUST place on their board to indicate this achievement.
TotalBid chips can only be used when another player has won a set. With this chip you have to correctly answer all 5 questions on the card. This is a “use once only” chip and must go back in the box after use.

Bidding Chips

Each player receives a set of 5 Metallic bidding chips – $1, $5, $10, $25, $50 + 1 Total Bid chip and 5 gold chips.  The questions range in difficulty from Level 1 (Yes or No) to Level 5 (Master). Players either use their metallic ships to bid to get a question or may pass and exit the auction. The final bid /highest bidder gets the question. NOTE: The chips have a printed metallic effect they are NOT made of metal.

Player Game Boards

Players place their metallic bidding chips in their designated positions on their LIMBO board. When you answer a question correctly you substitute the used metallic chip with a same value gold chip e.g. if you bid $5 on a question and answer correctly then that chip is replaced by a $5  gold chip.  An incorrect answer means your chip must go to LIMBO and can only be recuperated by missing a turn. NOTE: The board has a printed metallic effect it is NOT made of metal.

Learn More About finalBID

Watch our short videos that will help you find out more about this new board game

finalBID Board Game 1:51

This short video helps explain the game in a short but informative manner.

Quick Game Demo1:00

A very short demonstration video of how the game works.

finalBID Game In Action 3:05

This video shows a group of friends playing finalBID at various stages.

Game Contents

Central Bidding Board

Where You Place Your Bids

The Bidding board goes on the centre of the table where players place their bids.

6 sets of Bidding Chips

To Make Bids

The players Bid to get a question from the top card or may pass. The highest bidder gets the question.

6 Metallic Set Winner Crowns + 1 Gold Game Winner Crown.

6 Individual Limbo Boards

Where Players  Keep Control of Their Chips

Place your bidding chips in their positions on your board ready to start bidding

400 Theme Cards

How much do you know about what you THINK you know about?

The card’s theme has 5 related questions on the reverse side. How well do you know the theme?

finalBID Board Game

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